Books, Reports and Articles of Special Interest

by John Uebersax

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Religious Essays of Joseph Addison Edward Young's Night Thoughts:
Part 1: Nights 1–4
Allegorical Interpretation and the
Old Testament
America's Covenant: John Winthrop's
Model of Christian Charity
Thomas Jefferson's Recommended Reading Culture in Crisis: The Visionary Theories
of Pitirim Sorokin
Platonism as Psychotherapy The Republic: Plato's Allegory for
the Human Soul
The 'Natural City' in The Republic:
Is Plato a Libertarian?
Divinus Plato: Is Plato
a Religious Figure?
The Monomyth of Fall and Salvation Christianity for Agnostics
National Days of Prayer:
A Historical Comparison
Prayer as a Condition for Just War Is Cicero the Father of
Just War Theory?
What is Materialism? What is Idealism? Higher Reason Materialism, Idealism, and Higher
Education in California